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Dr.MURTHY, MBHS, DIP.HOM.(UK)., MD(AM), Member of National Center for Homeopathy, Alexandria, USA .

Who is the Chief Consultant of satmedica.com and having more than 30 years of experience in Homeopathic Consultancy and earnestly working for the promotion of Scientific Homeopathy. He used to treat about 10,000 patients per year under classical homeopathic method and introduced homeopathy to more than million of people. During all these years He has conducted and studied many research experiments in many areas of homeopathy.

Such are

(1) Working principles of homeopathic science

(2) Curative properties of homeopathic medicines in low and higher dilutions

(3) Efficacy of similimum

(4) Remedial actions of nosodes

(5) Clinical verification of rare and small remedies

(6) Preventive action of homeopathic prophylactics

(7) Verification of the laws of suppression of diseases and direction of cure

(8) Importance of supplements and nutrients along with homeopathic medication

(9) Verification of various methods of homeopathic prescriptions and its efficacy and limitations.

He has identified about 51 Indian medicinal plants and conducted clinical experiments on various diseases and also verified new claims of existing small and rare remedies through the medicinal plants research project. He has further studied much on the basic state of mind and mental symptoms in correlation with homeopathic remedies for onward prescription. With all this eminent experience in homeopathic medical science, he is able to prescribe successfully by his method of APPLIED HOMEOPATHY. With all this expert experience and skills he started on line consultancy through satmedica.com in 2001 and since then, he is extending his services to thousands of people of various counties. He has expert team of doctors for assisting in this on line consultancy services. At present he is working on the preparation of a Manual on management skills for management of hospital and patients and on standardization of homeopathic medical profession.

A team of homeopathic doctors – Dr.MS Reddy BHMS., Dr.KS VAS MD., Dr.Andhrica BAMS., and a Panel of Consulting Doctors are working in the process of on line consultancy.

Dr.Hemadri B.Sc., B.S.,(HON).,Ph.D., who is the chief research investigator for our Medicinal Plants Research Project. He is an internationally renowned botanist and toxanamist who discovered about 24 new medicinal plants and named of them. Author of many research books and text books in botany and medicinal plants in India. He got MAN OF THE CENTURY AWARD FROM AMERICAN BIOGRAPHICAL INSTITUTE USA.

Dr.Thammayya Ph.D., who is an eminent scientist in medical mycology and had numerous awards for his clinical research work in medical mycology. He is working for our Clinical Research Project.

Our Hospital – HAHNEMANN HOMEOPATHY – is dedicated for the promotion Homeopathy.


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