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The Founder Of Homeopathy Dr.Samuel Hahnemann Proved Homeopathy As A Scientific System Of Medicine And Constituted Many Scientific Principles With His Great Knowledge In Chemistry , Medicine Etc., Through Inductive Epistemological Methods And Also Proved Clinically. Which Are Above To The Newton Laws. The Homeopathic Principles Are Used To Much Discussed And Criticized Due To Shot Sightedness In Visioning The Deep Truth.

The Basic Questions Against Homeopathy Are :

(a) What Is Or How Does The Homeopathic Remedy Convey Its Information To The Dilution Of Water Or Ethanol ?

(b) Why Does The Homeopathic Remedy Still Maintain This Information After Avogadro’s Number ?

(c) How Does The Homeopathic Remedy Affect The Organism And At What Level ?.

During This Century Newtonian Physics Have Been Overwhelmed By Quantum Physics. Many Of What We Considered Laws In Newtonian Physics No Longer Hold In This Day And Age, Because There Is An Evolution In Knowledge. One Might Say Not A Change In Truth, But A Deepening Of The Truth. It Is As If The Truth Is Always There, It Is Just With The New Technology Being Developed And The Evolution Of Knowledge We Can Tap Into This Truth At A Deeper Level, In Different Periods Of Man’s Evolution.

“The Whole Is Larger Than The Sum Of Its Parts” – Which Is The Holistic Outlook. Dr.Alexandria N.Delinick Presented About The Scientific Experiments Done On Machines About The Deepen Truth In The National Technical University Of Athens And Their Findings. Accordingly, Various Experiments And Measurements Were Carried Out With The Machine On Different Homeopathic Remedies And Concluded That The Homeopathic Remedy In The Potentization Process (dilution And Succussion ) Undergoes Certain Electro-chemical Reactions That Convey To The Water Or Ethanol Specific Information From The Specific Homeopathic Substance Dissolved In Solution. This Could Be Measured In Two Ways. One Is Via The Process Of Triboelectricity (part Of Static Electricity). In The Process Of Adding One Gram Of The Original Homeopathic Substance To The Ethanol Or Water And Then Succussing It We Are In Fact Starting A Series Of Reactions Which Lead To The Formation Of Positive And Negative Ions In Solution (liquids). In Solids The Process Of Rubbing Something Against Something Else Or Cutting It Into Pieces Would Lead To The Formation Of Electrons. The Original Homeopathic Substance Dissolved In Water Or Ethanol Is Dissolved Into Many Smaller Pieces And These In Turn ‘rub’ Themselves Amongst The Water Or Ethanol Molecules; Thus The Whole Dilution Becomes Charged With Positive And Negative Ions. The Original Homeopathic Substance, The Drop Added To The Water Or Ethanol Is Like An ‘impurity’ Which Dissolves Into Many Pieces And These Rub Against The Other Water Or Ethanol Molecules Producing Positive And Negative Ions That Form Into Clusters; And From This Rubbing We Have The Production Of Current/static Electricity. Believe It Or Not Samuel Hahnemann, A Man Of Genius, Also Mentioned This In The Sixth Edition Of The Organon Vide Paragraphs 246 And 247.

In Looking At It Another Way The Results Obtained During The Potentization Process Is A Certain Natural Frequency Or Electromagnetic Frequency In Dilution Which Arise From This ‘rubbing’ Of Molecules And Which Act As Transmitters Of A Certain Electrical Signal/frequency. Thus In Testing Different Remedies And Different Potencies Of The Same Remedy It Is Found That Not Only Are There Different Wave Forma Exhibited But There Are Specific Wave Forms Or Frequencies That Are Specific For Each Homeopathic Remedy. Thus It Is Concluded That The Potentization Process Is An Actual Increase In Electrical Charge Of The Dilution And Of The Individual Water/ethanol Molecules Involved. They Enlarge, Form Solitons These Then Form A Sort Of Soliton Wave That Carries Specific Information Within The Water Or Ethanol Dilution. These Findings Were Concluded By Measuring Resistance, The Electric Field And Conductivity Of The Homeopathic Dilutions.

These Experiments And Findings Lead To Consider How And At What Level The Homeopathic Remedy Would Act In The Organism To Combat The Pathological Process. Newtonian Physics Do Not Explain The Situation That Is Occurring With In The Atoms Of The Cell. And Because The Cells Are Made Up Of Atoms; As It Desired To Detect Some Changes At This Level. Quantum Physics Explains What Happens In These Cells. The Experiments Are Carried Out Basing On The Wave Theory (the Superposition Principle) When Waves Of Same Frequency (coherent Waves) Are IN PHASE It Has The Summation Of The Two Called CONSTRUCTIVE INTERFERENCE OR EXACERBATION. And When These Same Waves Are OUT OF PHASE It Has The Subtraction/annihilation Of These Waves Or DESTRUCTIVE INTERFERENCE ( OR HEALTH PHASE). Here The Hypothesis Is That The Homeopathic Remedy Acts Via Providing The Organism With A Specific Electromagnetic Wave Frequency/field. Further, According To SQUID ( Super Conducting Quantum Interference Device And It Is Used To Study Electro-magnetic Fields Generated In Different Human Organs) Measurements, Data And Experiments Plus Electro-physiology Data It Is Hypothesized That The Organism Also Has A Specific Electromagnetic Wave Frequency/field That Represents The Organism’s Present Health State At That Moment. It Is Found That The RESULTANT Electromagnetic Wave Frequency/field Is The Resultant Exacerbation And Health State After Administering The Correct Homeopathic Remedy. So A Change In Phase Is Obtained By Giving A Correct Homeopathic Remedy Which Provided The Needed Electromagnetic Wave Field Or Information. This Change Of Phase Can Be Explained By Several Things, One Is Known As Frohlich’s Theory Of Coherent Excitation And Hysteresis, The Second By Ohm’s Law In Electricity, The Third By Einstein’s Constant And The Fourth By Fick’ Law Of Diffusion. Thus It Concludes That The Organism’s Natural Frequency/field Is Equal To The Simillinum In Homeopathy. As Such, It Is Understood That Homeopathic Remedy Provides A Specific Piece Of Information Through A Biofeedback Process In The Form Of A Specific Electromagnetic Wave Field/frequency. This Is The Electrochemical Energy Needed To CHANGE PHASE In The Organism And To Bring About A Cure Or A Return To A Previous Healthier Steady State Of The Organism. This Would In Effect Explain How The Homeopathic Remedy Could Affect A Change On Such A Wide Range Of Areas, Somatic, Emotional, Mental, Etc.

At Last, Such Basic Researches And Experiments Cleared The Shadows On Homeopathy And Deepen Truth Came Into Light. Homeopathy Is A Scientific And Advanced System Of Medicine.


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