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A New Strain Of E.coli Spreading Across Europe Which Is An Unseen Variant Of The Bacterium And More Virulent. It Is Spreading From Germany To Other European Countries Which Causing Deaths And Thousands Of People Are Sickened. It Is Like Swine Flu, Alarming The Nations. Many Counties Have Banned Exporting And Importing Of Vegetables, Fruits Etc. It Is Said To Be Spreading Through These Food Items.

What Is E.coli? : Escherichia Coli Is A Commensal In The Gastrointestinal Tract. It May Spread From There To Infect Contiguous Structures If Normal Anatomic Barriers Are Interrupted, As Occurs In Appendiceal Perforation. It Is Believed That The Urinary Tract Is Infected Via Urethral Contamination, But Direct Hematogenous Spread May Also Account For Renal Infection. Once Infection Has Occurred In A Primary Focus, Further Spread To Distant Organs May Occur Via The Bloodstream. A Consequence Of Bacteremia That Occurs Potentially With All Gram Negative Bacilli Is Septic Shock. In More Than 50 Percent Of E.coli Infections, The Urinary Tract Is The Portal Of Entry; Infections Emanating From The Hepatobiliary Tree, Peritoneal Cavity, Skin, And Lung Are Also Common. Some Patients With E.coli Bacteremia Have No Demonstrable Portal Of Entry; They Often Are Leukopenic. There Is Also Epidemiologic Evidence That E.coli And Other Enterobacteriaceae Tend To Colonize The Skin And Mucous Memberanes Of Debilitated Patients.

Strains Of E.coli Are Characterized By Their Somatic (O), Flagellar (H), And Capsular (K) Antigens And There Are Hundreds Of Different Serologic Varieties. Any Of The Strains Is Capable Of Causing Disease. Some Epidemiologic Studies Have Suggested That E.coli 04, 06, And 075 Are Responsible For More E.coli Infections Other Than Infantile Diarrhea. E.coli Is A Common Bacterium With Many Subtypes. Some Never Cause Harm, A Small Number Cause Serious Illness. E.coli 0157, Found In Contaminated Meat, Can Cause A Similar Syndrome To E.coli 0104, Which Has Been Identified As The Cause Of The Current Outbreak. The Exact Source Of The Microbe In Germany Remains A Mystery. Some Experts Have Said The Type Of E.coli Identified In This Outbreak Is A New Variant, But The European Centre For Disease Prevention And Control Says That “serotype STEC 0104 Has Caused Food-borne Outbreaks Of Diarrhea And Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome, Or Isolated Cases, Before”. An Outbreak Was Documented In Montana In 1994 And A Single Case In The Far East In 2006. The H4 Variant Of E.coli 0104 Was Identified As The Cause In The 2006 Case.

What Symptoms Does It Cause? The Severity Of Illness Varies But Some Types Of E.coli Cause Severe Stomach Cramps And Bloody Diarrhea. Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome, The Specific Fatal Illness, Cause From These E-Coli. Haemolytic Refers To The Destruction Of Red Blood Cells By A Toxin Produced By The Bug And To A Drop In Platelets. Uraemic Refers To High Levels Of Urea Found In The Blood As The Kidneys Fail. A Poisonous Toxin, The Shiga Toxin, Is Produced By Some Types Of E.coli, Which Can Cause The Kidneys To Fail And May Lead To Blood Disorders.

Can E.coli Be Transmitted From Person To Person? If Someone Were To Develop A Mild Form Of Gastroenteritis Due To The Microbe, It Would Be Present In Their Faeces. Inadequate Hand Hygiene Could Lead To E.coli Being Transferred To Food, Putting Those Who Eat Contaminated Food At Risk.

How Is The Infection Treated In Allopathy? In Milder Cases, With Fluids And Painkillers. Those With A Severe Illness And Complications May Require Intensive Care In Hospital, Including Dialysis And High-tech Interventions. Doctors Are Divided As To The Use Of Antibiotics Because Of Drug Resistance And A Fear Of Aggravating The Disease.


Homeopathy Has Very Good Preventive And Curative Treatment Process For The Illness And Diseases Caused By E.coli Strains Of Any Variety. Doctors Of Main Stream Of Medicine Are Differ In Using Anti-biotic Medicines In E.coli Infectious Diseases As It Is Getting More And More Resistant And Modifying Its Nature As Hybrid – E-coli – Strain. Such New Hybrid Strains Always Cause Alarming To Human Beings Or Animals And Specific Medication May Not Be Available Immediately. Whereas, Homeopathy Address Even Such New Strains With Available Large Size Of Proved Medicines. In This Present Context, The New Strain Damaging Kidney Cells And Leads To Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome (HUS), A Rare And Severe Complication That Destroys Red Blood Cells And Can Affect The Central Nervous System.

TO PREVENT AND PROTECT FROM THIS E-coli, USE -CHIMAPHILA UMBELLATA (Pipsissewa) - In Mother Tincture Or 1x Or 3x Potencies In Dilution Form. It Prevents The Infection And Illness Caused By The Said E.coli. It Acts Principally On The Kidneys And Genitor-urinary Tract. The Symptoms Are – Urging To Micturate, Urine Turbid, Offensiveness, Containing Ropy Or Bloody Mucus (haematuria) And Depositing A Copious Sediment. Scanty Urine (nephritis), Chronic Cystitis Etc. The Author Dr.Murthy Has More Than 30 Years Of Experience In Homeopathy And Treated Numerous Illness And Cases Infected With E.coli., By Using The Same Medicine. It Is Almost Considered As A Specific For Illness Cause By E.coli. The Medical World Should Use And Study Further In This Alarming Situation.


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