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Homeopathy Is A Unique System Of Medicine Formulated By Dr.Samuel Hahnemann, A German Leading And Successful Allopathic Physician, In 1810, Since Then, It Is Being Practiced In Almost All Countries As Complementary Medical System. It Is The Only Best Alternative System Of Medicine To The Allopathic Medicine In India And Other Countries. This System Was Brought By The British During Their Ruling In India And Since Then It Is Being Popularized And Practiced In Every Corner Of India And Become A Native Medicine Due To Low Cost And Simple Usage For Common Ailments. Till 1980 The Homeopathic Industrial Sector Was Not Considered Much As A High Profitable Industry By Many Investors Due Its Unique Features Like Low Economic Turnover While Comparing With Other Profitable Industrial Sectors.

After 1980 The Homeopathic Sector Was Well Recognized By The Government, Pharmacists, Industrialists, Economists, Etc., And Promoting This Sector As Economic And Complementary Medical System. If We Study The Growth Rate Of The Relevant Functions Like –medical Colleges, The Modules At Graduate And Post Graduate Education, Research Institutions And Boards, Budget Allotments At Central Government Level, National And State Level Homoeopathic Practitioners Associations, National And International Seminars And Work Shops, Medical Books And Journal Publications, State Owned Hospitals, Annual Practitioners Establishments, Pharmacies And Their Product Diversity, Growth Of Marketing Sector In Terms Quantity And Value Of Marketing Medicines And Products, Corporate Hospitals And Their Expansions, On Line Consultancy Websites, Educational Websites, Tax Collections By Government, Etc – It Is Understood That Homeopathic Sector Is Growing Very Fast And The Growth Rate Would Be More Than 25% Per Year In All The Relevant Areas.

The Growth Rate Would Be More Than 25% Percent Per Year Due To The Following Favorable Factors.

- Homeopathy Is Well Considered As The Best Alternative Medicine To Allopathic System Of Medicine.

- Allopathic System Of Medicine Is Become More Costly While Comparing With Homeopathy.

- Most Of The Chronic Diseases Can Not Be Cured In Allopathy Except Palliation Or Maintenance Or Surgeries Only. Whereas In Homeopathy There Is Very Good Scope For The Cure Of Most Of The Chronic Diseases Which Are Rejected Or Failed In Other Systems.

- The Doctor And Patient Relationship Is More Cordial And Holistic In This System, Hence, Once The Patient Covered With Homeopathic Treatment He Shall Not Shift To Other System.

- Of Late, The Application Of Homeopathy Is Streamlined And Thereby This System Is Covering More And More Chronic And Even Acute Disease. It Is Widely Popularizing For The New Ailments And Pollution Disorders Etc. The Quality And Standards Of Practices Are Well Established Which Encouraging All The Income Groups Of The Society.

- All Age Groups Including Infants Can Safely Use This Medicine Without Having Any Aversion Or Side Effects. This Is A Safest System Of Medicine.

- The Popularity And Awareness Is Continuously Being Carried Out By Press And Electronic Media. This Medical Science Has Lacks Of Websites In Internet In Respect Of Education, Awareness, Treatment Suggestions, On Line Consultations Etc.

- Yearly Entering Of Thousands Of Doctors Into Profession Would Necessarily Increase The Growth Size.

- Like Many More Favorable Features For The Growth Of This Industry.


- Homeopathic Clinics At Corporate Level.

- Homeopathic Chain Clinics At Corporate Level.

- Homeopathic Specialty Clinics At Corporate Level.

- Homeopathy And Allopathy Multi-system Hospitals At Corporate Level.

- Homeopathic Online Clinics At Corporate Level.

- Homeopathy Medical Educational Colleges.

- Homeopathy Advanced Training Institutions.

- Homeopathy Pharmaceuticals For Dilutions And Tinctures.

- Homeopathy Pharmaceuticals For Specialty Medicines, Saclac, Tablets, Globules.

- Medicinal Plants Cultivation And Processing Units.

- Homeopathy Blister Pack Machine Manufacturing.

- Homeopathic Research And Laboratories For Clinical Research.

- Homeopathic Digital Library Maintenance.

- Homeopathic Books And Journals Publications.

- Homeopathy Software Development.

- Export Of Homeopathic Medicines, Back-potencies, Medicinal Plant Extracts, Books And Journals, Transfer Of Teaching Skills In Education And Training Sector.

DIRECT ECONOMIC GROWTH: This Sector Will Provides Millions Direct And Indirect Employment In India. It Generates And Contributes A Considerable Amount Of Growth Rate To County’s Economic Growth By Creation Of New Employment, Utilization Of Natural Resources, Earning Of Foreign Exchange Through Exports, Etc.

IDIRECT ECONOMIC GROWTH: This Sector Grows In Health And Medical Industry In The Country. Its Indirect Economic Value Is Amazing Which Needs A Scientific Study At The Level Of Government. This Developed Medical System Provides Medical Services To The People At Lower Expenditure Which Saves A Lot Of Money. Such Savings Are Good Economic Support To The People. It Is A Good Preventive Medical System Which Protects From The Viral And Epidemic Infections Or Diseases. It Minimizes The Treatment Periods, Hospitalizations, Surgeries, Waiting Times In The Name Of Appointments Etc., Which Finally Reduces The Loss Of Working Days And Increases The National Gross Productivity. On The Other Hand, It Would Not Be An Exaggerated Statement That The Government And Sate Budgets Will Save 30 To 40 Percent Of Expenditure In Their Health Expenditure Budgets, And Such Budget Savings Can Be Utilized To Other Economic Developments.

CONCLUSION: Good Investments Can Be Made In This Sector For Gaining Good Profits And The Government Shall Consider This Sector As Growing Industry And Encourage For The Development Of This Industry By Declaring Subsidies, Tax Holidays, Capital Finances Etc. Figurative Indices Are Not Indicated In The Above Note. The Author Of This Note Is Dr. KVV SATYANARAYANA MURTHY Who Has More Than 30 Years Of Experience In Homeopathy And A Senior Management Consultant.


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