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Homeopathy Is Formulated By A German Physician Dr.Samuel Hahnemann In 1810. Since Then It Is Being Practiced In Many Countries As Complementary Medical System. In India, It Is Being Practiced From More Than 150 Years And Established Its Efficacy As The Best Alternative Medicine To Allopathy And Also Mainstream System Of Medicine For Specific Diseases And Ailments. Since 1980 Homeopathic Industry Is Being Emerged As One Of The Profitable Industry And Expecting 25% Growth Rate. As Per One Business And Medical Report, Homeopathy Will Cover 100% In Medicine And Generates Billions Of Trade In The World By 2020. As Such It Is High Time To Enter Into This Homeopathic Business World.


- Homeopathic Clinics At Corporate Level.

- Homeopathic Chain Clinics At Corporate Level.

- Homeopathic Specialty Clinics At Corporate Level.

- Homeopathy And Allopathy Multi System Hospitals At Corporate Level.

- Homeopathic Online Clinics At Corporate Level.

- Homeopathy Medical Educational Colleges.

- Homeopathy Advanced Training Institutions.

- Homeopathy Pharmaceuticals For Dilutions And Tinctures.

- Homeopathy Pharmaceuticals For Specialty Medicines, Saclac, Tablets, Globules.

- Medicinal Plants Cultivation And Processing Units.

- Homeopathy Blister Pack Machine Manufacturing.

- Homeopathic Research And Laboratories For Clinical Research.

- Homeopathic Digital Library Maintenance.

- Homeopathic Books And Journals Publications.

- Homeopathy Software Development.

- Export Of Homeopathic Medicines, Back-potencies, Medicinal Plant Extracts, Books And Journals, Transfer Of Teaching Skills In Education And Training Sector.

Dr.KVV SN MURTHY, A Senior Management Consultant In Industrial And Management Sector And An Expert Homeopath Having More Than 30 Years Experience In Homeopathy, Offer His Advisory Consultations In Promoting Various Projects In Homeopathic Industry. With His Vast Experience In Both Homeopathic Industry And Industrial And Management Consultancy, He Visualized And Suggesting That Any Venture In Homeopathic Industry Is A Good Profitable Project If It Is Promoted With Good Project Techniques.

He Advocates And Suggests More Homeopathic Clinics At Corporate Sector As This Area Has More Scope For Business And The Gap Would Be At 80%. The Corporate Clinics Will Be Successful If They Are Promoted With Good Technical, Ethical, Holistic And Business Standards Along With The Proved Managerial Skills Within The Medical And Hospital Environment. There Are Some Pros And Cons On Corporate Clinics Over Conventional Clinics, Due To Some Present Experiences, But In The Interest Of 100% Growth Of Homeopathy By 2020 The Corporate Concept Is The Best Feasible Factor Along With Conventional Clinics.

Dr.Murthy Offers His Expertise Advisory And Consultancy Services In The Promotion Of CORPORATE HOMEOPATHIC CLINICS / HOSPITALS PROJECT. The Following Are The Areas For Consultancy:

-Designing Mission, Philosophy, Strategies, Objects, And Business Plans.

-Preparation Of Detailed And Analytical Business Plan.

-Preparation Of Detailed And Analytical Operational Plan.

-Designing Profit Evaluation Methods.

-Designing Costing And Finance Accounting.

-Designing MIS And Computerization.

-Management And Organization Development.

-Marketing Survey And Marketing Plans.

-Designing Homeopathic Clinical Research For Developing Homeopathic Service Products.

-Study And Designing Homeopathic Disease Specialties And Services.

-Designing Patient Management Techniques.

-Designing Consultation Fees Structures And Strategies.

-Designing Case Sheets And Case Processing Methods For Constitutional And Disease Evaluations.

-Designing Centralized Case Management.

-Designing Pharmacy Dispensing Methods.

-Designing On-line Consultations.

-Educating And Training Corporate Functional Culture.

-Preparation Of Budgets And Performance Evaluations.

Dr.Murthy Strongly Believes The CASE PROCESSING METHODS AND CENTRALISED CASE MANAGEMENT Are The Key Success Factors In Corporate Clinics.


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