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As Per The Recent Indian Legal Statistics It Is Alarming To Know That There Is Increasing Number Of Divorce Cases Especially In Educated Employed Couple. The Reasons And Causes For Diverse In Educated Couple Are More Or Less Common As Per The Legal Reports. Whatever Might Be The Reasons And Causes, Our Concern Is About The Children Of Broken Families.

Psychological Disorders And Behavioral Problems Would Be Common Among The Children Of Dysfunctional Families. The Children Of Broken Homes Cope With The Trauma In Different Ways And The Effects Can Be Long-lasting And Such Results Of The Trauma Carry By The Child Throughout His Life And Pass On To His Next Generation In The Shape Of Dysfunctional Family Relationship. They Carry Guilt And Shame From A Broken Marriage. The Reactions Of The Kids And Child Depends Upon The Age, The Nature Of Collapse Of Family, The Relations With Parents, The Grand Family Support, Counseling Etc. Any Extreme Reactions Are To Be Finally Reflected In The Society Which Would Be The Social Problem At The End. A Few Behavioral And Psychological Reactions Of Such Children Are Given Here Under Age-group-wise.

Birth To Two Years Of Age: Infant Distress Is Recognizable Through Moods Of Fussiness And Disturbed Eating And Sleeping Patterns. Toddlers Can Revert To Separation Anxiety And Become Clingy, Fearful Or Withdrawn. Two To Four Years Of Age: Distress Signs In This Age Group Are Marked By Verbal Outbursts Of Anger, Power Struggles And Tantrums. Children May Also Regress To Earlier Behaviors Such As Bed Wetting, Thumb Sucking And Needing To Be Held.

Five To 12 Years Of Age: School Children May Show Signs Of Withdrawal And Have A Difficult Time Concentrating In School. Emotions Can Range From Sadness To Anger. Difficulty With Friendships And Aggressive Behaviors Are Not Uncommon. There Is A Tendency For Children To Develop Physical Symptoms Of Stress, Such As Stomachaches And Headaches. 12 To 15 Years Of Age: Preteens And Early Adolescents Have A Difficult Time With Parent Loyalty And Can Often Pit One Parent Against The Other In An Attempt To Control The Situation. They May Refuse To Live With One Parent Or Another. Children In This Age Group May Become Defiant With Moodiness And Depression Setting In. Escapism Through Drinking, Drugs And Sexual Activity May Arise.

16 To 18 Years Of Age: An Unstable Home May Derail The Normal Steps Toward Independence In This Age Group. Children May Experience Depression And Loss Of Interest In School, Social Activities And Life In General. They May Get Into Problems With The Law, Drop Out Of School And Attach Themselves To The Wrong Peer Groups.

To Mitigate This Serious Social Problem, The Partners Before Marriage Need Understanding Of Their Personalities, The Purpose Of Marriage Or Togetherness, Clear Clarification And Identity Of Their Ego Personalities And A Pre-marital Counseling Is Also Required. . When The Problems Are Creeping And Marital Relations Are Souring After Having A Kid, The Parents Or Partners Should Get Counseling For Better Clarifications And Understanding Each Other In Order To Avoid Divorce. The Children Of Broken Family Are Essentially Required Repeated Counseling For Their Behavioral And Psychological Problems. The Parents Have No Such Moral Right To Leave The Kid Or Child To Their Fate Of Distress. The Partners Should Feel The Consequences Of Dysfunctional Family And Then Only Enter Into Responsible Marital Life. Apart From The Counseling Process, HOMEOPATHY Medical System Comes Into The Rescue Of The Children Of Broken Family. Homeopathy Treats The Mind And Body By Identifying The Root Cause.

Homeopathy Has Very Wide Scope Of Medicines To Handle And Treat The Behavioral Problems And Psychological Disorders Of Such Children. The Problems And Disorders Like – Inferiority Complex, Withdrawnness, Loneliness, Depression, Suicidal Tendency, Attention Disorders, Anger And Irritation, Egoistic Nature, Aggressiveness, Violence, Etc., Can Be Corrected By Homeopathic Medication.

Homeopathy Deals With Mind. The Medicines Like Lycopodium, Gelsemium, Aurum Met., Nux Vomica, Calcarea Carb., Calcarea Flour., Strammonium, Staphysegrea Anacardinum , Ignatia, Natrum Mur., Tarentula Cub, Etc. Correct The Disorders Of Such Children. While Treating The Child Homeopathy Considers All The Personality Behaviors And Constitutional Nature And Prescribes The Correct Remedy Which Treats Such Child Well. The Author Has Treated Many Of Such Cases During His Thirty Years Homeopathic Practice.


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