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Dr.Murthy has more than 33 years experience in the Homeopathy prescription and Indian Medicinal Plants. He involved more than ten years in the study of the clinical application of Indian medicinal plants. There are several methods of Homeopathic prescriptions which are being followed by many Homeopathic Physicians in the world. Some orthodox Homeopathic physicians are rigid to their rules and prescription method. Dr.Murthy strongly believe that any medical science shall be able to address the immediate suffering of the patient and such science only most applicable and get wide acceptance. Homeopathy has very wide scope for attending urgently the sufferings or pains of the patient and the patient can be cured with further application of the homeopathic principles. In other words Homeopathy is very potential system for attending the traumas, very acute conditions, epidemics, etc. As such Dr.Murthy always say that Homeopath should be like a Warrior but not as a Soldier. Then only the science will get much popularity and wide acceptance. There are plethora of small and clinical remedies in homeopathic material medica apart from the polychrests. The knowledge and application of such remedies will address most of the acute sufferings of the patient and such knowledge adds the value and fragrance to the practice. Apart from the clinical prescription, homeopathy has the ultimate curing methods through – Constitutional & Miasmatic prescriptions, Totality method, Basing on Mentals, Basing on Mind study etc. As such, Homeopathy is Two Edged Sword. Dr.Murthy has presented the following material after clinical verification only.

Chimaphila umbellate: A specific medicine for E.Coli. orgasm. It inhibits the growth of the orgasm. The curative value of this medicine is well verified in Urinary Infections.

Rhamnus California: A specific medicine for Tennis elbow.

Juglans regia: It inhibits the growth of Trichophyton mentagrophytes. Useful in Athlets’ foot. Infectious eruption in beard. Good external application for acne.

Salvia officinalis: It controls well Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus hemolyticus. It is applied as a mouth wash in case of throat infections and well responded such cases.

Glycyrrhiza glabra: Gargling of this medicine with water controls well the lesions of stomatitis in the mouth.

Gymnema sylvestre: Prevents the formation of dental plaque by gargling with water regularly.

Rauvolfia serpentine: Increases the platelet count.

Ginseng: Besides the main treatment for Herpes simplex, use of Ginseng Q helps to recover quickly due to its particular anti-viral properties.

Cardiospermum helicacabum: Given good results in relieving the Sciatica pain.

Dalbergia lanceolaria: Given good results in relieving the inflammatory condition of Arthritis. Used externally.

Ginco biloba: Well maintained the central nervous system of senile people.

Achyranthus bidentata: The root extract improved well the teeth looseness and strengthen the teeth by gargling regularly with water.

Acalypha indica: Reduces the eosinophilic count. Tinosperma cordifolia: The best medicine for Typhoid besides the regular treatment.

Andographis paniculata: Well tested remedy in all types of fevers. Continuous usage gets negative results in Hepatitis B ………….to be continued.


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