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HOMEOPATHY treats the patient and not the disease. This is the unique approach of this system of medicine. The treatment approach in true Homeopathy is basing on individualization despite suffering from various nomenclatured diseases. It treats the sickness. In brief, the system of medicine, as a whole, considers symptoms of Mind, Constitutional Characteristics, Etiology of diseases or sickness, Peculiar symptoms of the disease which means the unusual symptoms from patient to patient in the same disease, etc., in order to cure the disease or sickness of the individual. As such, the scope for healing is very wide and any type of sickness could be consulted in this system of medicine. However, like any other system of medicine Homeopathy has also limitations in treating and curing in respect of degenerative disorders and where the vital force of the body is weak.

However, in order to facilitate easy consultation the following disorders are noted for better consultation through our website www.satmedica.com . Care is taken to avoid Medical Jargons for better understanding.

1. Mind: Behavioral problems, Fears & Phobias, Anxiety Neurosis, Depression, Anger and Irritability, Emotions and Excitements, Unusual behavior and attitude of children, Attention deficiency etc.,

2. Head & Scalp: Headaches, Alopecia, Dandruff, Eruptions and Scalp etc.,

3. Eye: Pain in eyes and Eye strain, Conjunctivitis, Inflammations, Styes and Eruptions of Lids etc.,

4. Ear: Pains, Abscess, Discharges, etc.,

5. Nose: Allergic disorders, Sinusitis, Polypus, Adenoids etc.,

6. Mouth (Teeth, Tongue, Gums): Abscess and Ulcers, Pain in teeth, Recurrent infections of mouth etc.,

7. Throat: Abscess and Ulcers, Recurrent infections, Tonsillitis, Hoarseness or Loss of voice, Goiter, Chronic sore throat etc.,

8. Chest, Lungs and Respiratory disorders: Bronchitis, Allergic and infectious coughs, Asthma, Hydrothorax, Pneumonia, Pleurisy, Pain in chest and rib case etc.,

9. Stomach: Loss of appetite, disorders of digestion, ulcers in stomach like Peptic and duodenal ulcers, Nausea and Vomiting, Pains etc.,

10. Abdomen (Liver, Gall bladder, Spleen, Pancreas, Intestines): Viral hepatitis, Gall stones, Hepato - Splenomegaly, Colic and Pains etc.,

11. Rectum: Chronic constipation, Diarrhea and dysentery, Hemorrhoids or Piles, Fissure - Prolapsed of rectum, anal fistula, Worms in stool, etc.,

12. Bladder and Urine: Urinary track Infections, Bed wetting, Calculus, Retention of Urine, Inconsistency of urine, urine disorders i.e., Albumin, Sediments, Sugar, etc., Prostrate gland disorders etc.,

13. Kidneys: Pain in kidneys, Acute nephritis, Renal calculus, etc.,

14. Male Genitals: Sexually Transmitted diseases, Pain in testis, etc.,

15. Female Genitals: Recurrent abortions and miscarriages, Sterility, Uterus disorders like bulky uterus, Fibroids, Cervicitis; Ovarian cysts, Leucorrhoea, Menstrual disorders, Pre-menstrual disorders, Eruptions, Ulcers and Infections of Genitals etc.,

16. Musculo-Skeletal disorders: Pains, Inflammations, Swellings, Infections, Rheumatism, Arthritis, Caries of the bones of body (Like Spondylitis, Fractures, Osteo changes, Osteoporosis etc.)

17. Skin: The disorders like Eczema, Ringworm, Herpes, Nettlerash, Boils, Abscess, Carbuncles, Warts, Corns, Pimples, Sun and Cold allergies, Cuts and wounds, Nails disorders, Foul or Odor sweating, Drug and Chemical reactions etc.,

18. Metabolic disorders like Diabetes, Malassimilation, Excess Cholesterol etc.,

19. Blood and Circulation disorders like Arteriosclerosis, Hypertension, Hypo tension, Cardiac dyspnoea, etc.,

20. Glandular Swellings like Swelling of Cervical and Inguinal glands, Nodules in breasts. Etc.,

21. Chronic Infectious and Contagious disorders like Typhoid, Malaria, Flue fever etc.,

22. Palliative Treatment: Palliative treatment in the degenerative diseases like Cancers. Etc.


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