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1) Is Homeopathy a system of medicine for all the diseases of human being?

Yes, Homeopathy is a complete system of medicine for treating the sickness or illness or disease conditions of human beings. In this system the treatment is to individual but not for any named disease which is the uniqueness of this system. So, any sickness of an individual can be treated. In other words, It cures all the disease conditions like - acute diseases, epidemics, supports in the emergency management for speedy recovery especially in accidents or trauma cases, burns etc., chronic cases, hereditary disorders, post surgical complications, sports men diseases and occupational disorders, pregnancy management, psychic behavior problems, cancer and immune deficiency disorders etc.

2) Can Homeopathy avoid surgeries?

Yes, in most of the cases like tonsillitis, female uterus problems of fibroids, ovarian cysts, amputations due to carbuncles, benign tumors and cysts, glandular tumors like goiter and nodular goiter, etc., the surgeries can be avoided confidently.

3) Is there any limitation to Homeopathy?

Yes, when the pathological conditions are advanced in any type of diseases and where the prognosis is very bad, Homeopathy may not reverse the degeneration but helps in palliating pains like conditions

4) Is Homeopathic medication safe?

Yes, Homeopathic medication is quite safe and no side effects. The medicines are non-chemical and non – toxic.

5) Is Homeopathy is safe to all age groups?

Yes, Homeopathy is safe and effective for all types of diseases condition of infants, children, male, female, and also during pregnancy etc.

6) Are any allopathic medications under use to be discontinued?

No, while undergoing homeopathic treatment the habituated medicines for hypertension, diabetes, insomnia, hormones etc., are need not be withdrawn immediately. They will be tampered in the course of homeopathic treatment.

7) Does Homeopathy suppress clinical disease conditions?

No, Homeopathy is to cure the disease conditions radically and permanently without suppress the diseases. The greatness of homeopathy is such that it treats the sickness from gross root level.

8) Are there any diet restrictions for Homeopathy?

No, there is no diet restriction to Homoeopathy but diet suggestions will be given basing on the disease conditions.

9) What is the treatment period?

The period of treatment is based on the disease condition only.

10) Is on line homoeopathic treatment consultation is costly?

No, it is very economical while comparing with all the costs involved in other system of medicine. Such costs like – consultation fee – medicines costs – appointment costs – transportation costs – time costs in waiting – priority costs – etc., can be avoided in on line consultation. The medicines costs are very low while comparing with other alternative medicines costs.

11) Are homeopathic medicines available in stores?

Homeopathic medicines are now available in almost all the towns / cities of any country. Qualitative medicines are available from pharmacists through internet ordering in USA, CANADA, UK, EUROPE, etc.

12) Will your on line service supply medicines along with prescription?

No, it is our policy not to supply the medicines from our place due to some bottlenecks. Homeopathic medicines are very sensitive to smells, sun, x-rays etc. During overseas transit of medicines, the medicines may expose to any radiation, screening rays, openings, etc., and are also subjected to many enquiries by the security in ports. Further it involves huge transit costs, delay in transit, loss of medicines in transit etc. As such we direct our patients to get the medicines from their place which is more effective comparing with overseas supply.

13) What are the precautions to be taken during use of homeopathic medicines?

Homeopathic medicines are sensitive to strong smells and odors. While taking the homeopathic medicines, the patient shall not eat or drink or smoke 20 minutes before and after taking the medicine. Gargle the mouth with water before taking the medicine is better for speedy action of the medicine.

14) What are the precautions to be taken in storage of homeopathic medicines?

Homeopathic medicines are very sensitive to strong smells and odors. The medicines are to be stored in the place where there is no strong smells or odors or perfumes etc., and do not mix with other medicines of allopathic or chemical medicines or herbal medicines.

15) What to do when wrong medicine is taken by mistake when taken from the kit?

There will not be any danger but such wrong medicine may interact with our mainstream of healing. It is advised to call us over telephone or mail for suggesting any anti-dote medicine for wrong medicine which would be available in the kit only.

16) How to identify the medicine when the label on the bottle is removed or spoiled?

The name of the medicine can not be identified when the label on the bottle is lost or spoiled and such medicine is to be separated from the kit and kept for dispensing.

17) How to dispense the unused and spoiled medicines?

The unused medicines can be kept in the separate kit if the names on the bottles are not spoiled as such medicines are useful if required and they will not be expired like other system of medicines. The spoiled medicines are to be dispensed by dropping all the pills in water basin and wash out. The empty bottles are to be dispensed in dust tub.

18) What to do when any acute disease or emergency had during the course of treatment?

It is better to consult us if there is time and chance for our advice and to recommend homeopathic medicine which available in your kit. Otherwise, you can consult your local physician and follow such treatment. But during such treatment you are advised to stop usage of homeopathic medicines and report us for further follow up.

19) Can the same medicines be supplied to any family members or friends who are suffering from the same kind of sickness?

No, it should not be given or supplied to other persons as the homeopathic medicines are prescribed not for the disease but for the individual only.

20) Can the homeopathic medicines be used or repeat without medical advice?

No, no medicine should be taken or repeat or continue without our advice. As the dosage, potency and medicines are prescribed basing on the disease condition of the individual.

21) How to re-start the medication when treatment was discontinued?

The earlier medical prescription or plan may not be the same to restart or resume the medication; hence, it is advised to consult us for further medical advice.

22) Are there any limitations in number of consultations during the course of treatment?

No, there are no such limitations in consultations over telephone or mails during the course of treatment.

23) Is the payment schedule to be observed?

Yes, it is requested to observe the payment schedule for extending our better services as your payments realize our break-even costs only.


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