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Miscarriage or spontaneous abortion is the loss of fetus before the 20th week of pregnancy. Miscarriage is otherwise called as spontaneous abortion and the definition of abortion for medic-legal purpose  is otherwise different.  Miscarriage is happened in the progress of pregnancy due to various causes. About three-fourths of spontaneous abortions occur before the 16th week; of these, three-fourths occur before the eighth   week.  Almost 20% of all clinically recognized pregnancies terminate in spontaneous abortion.
Symptoms of Miscarriage?
Bleeding like menstruation.
Abdomen pain with heavy bleeding with clotted nature.
Cramps in abdomen and lower limbs like contractions.

Causes of Miscarriage ?
Chromosomal defects due to maternal or parental factors.
Maternal trauma.
Dietary deficiencies.
Diabetes mellitus.
Epilepsy and Convulsions.
Anatomic malformations.
Abnormalities in Uterus and Cervix.
Some medications like steroids, etc.
Fear & Shock.
Chemo & Radiation.
Excess Physical exercises like trekking etc.
Addictions like Smoking, alcohol,   etc.

What to do to avoid miscarriages ?
Consult the physician before planning for pregnancy or when the conception took place.  
Discuss with physician if the partners are blood related.
Get the Ultra-scan examination for the uterus and pelvic examination to rule out any abnormalities.
Discuss with physician about the present medication if any for Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, psychiatric medication etc.
Plan for the pregnancy at the suggestion of the physician only.

Follow up measures during early pregnancy or gestation period?
Be under the coverage of Physician only.
Avoid Physical exertion and needs more bed rest.
Maintain nutrition.
Avoid Psychological disturbances like anxiety, grief, depression, fears etc.
Enjoy happy moods only.
Do not neglect medication.

Why Homeopathy medication?
There is very promising scope in Homeopathy.  Homeopathy cures the root causes of the disorder and prevents the miscarriages well.  As per our experience, numerous cases are successfully treated. Go not be anxious about miscarriage, get Homeopathic treatment.  


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