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What is Vaginal Dryness?
Vaginal dryness means     the insufficient production of lubricants in the vagina during intercourse or sex. Lubricating fluid is naturally produce in woman’s vagina. The vagina has no glands and the plasma seepage from vaginal walls due to vascular engorgement  which lubricates the vagina during sex. Also Bartholin’s glands located lightly below and to the left and right of the introitus secrete mucus to augment vaginal wall secretions. When this biological mechanism is sluggish or  diminished due to various clinical and pathological reasons, the lubrications is absent and vaginal get dryness during sex.

Problems with Vaginal Dryness?
Insufficient lubrication or dryness of vagina can cause painful sex and woman dissatisfied with painful sex and avoids frequent intercourse.  Male partner will also express displeasure in the intercourse due to absence of pleasureful sensation during intercourse. The vaginal walls get ruptured and become painful for some hours after sex. It leads to infertility due to long intervals of sex. Women get psychological imbalance and become irritant.  The family harmony might be disturbed.

Causes of Vaginal Dryness?    
Absence of production of lubricants and mucus discharge due to various  pathological disorders and Hormonal changes in age. Lack of sexual arousal due to absence of love and sexual feelings.  Hatred in the male partner.
Insufficient excitement and stimulation due to absence of foreplay.
Due to chronic other diseases, like diabetes, hypertension, degenerative disorders etc.
Menopause. During this period the female hormones are changed and imbalanced. During Menopause, the estrogen hormone production slows and then stops which one of the common cause for the dryness of vagina and make the vagina thinner and less elastic. This status is called Vaginal Atrophy.
Pregnancy and Lactation.
Certain medicines like Oral contraceptives, allegenics etc.
Radiation and chemotheraphy.
Surgical removal of ovaries.
Some women practice dry sex which is not advisable.

Artificial Lubricants ?
Medical lubricants or recommended mineral oils can be applied to the vaginal opening, the penis or both to reduce the discomfort or pain.  Some lubricants or oils may cause irritation to both the partners.  Lubricants will not cure the root cause of the disorder but ease out the discomfort.  But male partner may not enjoy the natural pleasure in intercourse.  

Hormonal therapy ?
In some cases the hormonal supplements may ease out the problem but it follows the side effects and risk.  
How it is Diagnosed?
 The general symptoms: Burning, Itching, Discomfort in the vaginal area, Lack of sexual stimulation, painful intercourse, etc. The doctor will examine the vagina and pelvis to find out the root cause. Hormonal evaluation. Etc.

Why Homeopathy?
Homeopathy has much scope in the treatment of vaginal dryness by studying the causative factors and the patient. Much promising results can be get by Homeopathic treatment. Then no grief and enjoy the natural sexual life.   


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