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During 1983, a boy aged 11 years was brought by his father in very crying mood. When enquired he told that his boy (the patient) had an injury 3 months back while playing to his lower left limb on tibia region which was managed with some external applications and neglected. But the wound worsened and did not healed even after three months. He was referred to the local government hospital for better treatment. Where the boy was treated with allopathic medicines for a period of three weeks with regular dressing etc. Even then the wound did not heal but in fact became worse with septic condition and fever. Finally the allopathic physicians in that hospital took the decision for amputation of the lower left limb to avoid further fatal consequences. The father was shocked and managed to skip from the hospital with the boy. In such destitute condition the father consulted us with the boy for any alternative treatment at that condition.

On physical examination of the wound on the left lower limb, it appeared like: a deep ulcer with bluish and blackness around the ulcer, foul smell, slight oozing of black-red serum, and with pain. The whole left leg is paining and the boy could not walk due to severe pain in the left leg. He appeared pale and with sunken face. He had moderate running temperature and Could not lie on left side due to pain in the limb.

We gave one dose of Lachesis 200 for every three hours in divided doses for a period of two days. It was observed that the boy was feeling comfortable and his pain reduced, was able to walk , and the oozing and fetid smell was stopped. Later the same drug was prescribed for a period of one week duly instructing the patient to take the medicine with shacking of bottle 20 times each time. After one week the boy improved in general and the ulcer started healing , with reduction in size and the size of the ulcer was reduced. We gave Lachesis 1 M one dose and asked the boy to consult after ten days. We surprised to observe that the wound was healed completely with bluish scar. Later the scar was also vanished. We followed the case for many years but noticed no sickness. Now the boy in a working a Government organization.

Discussion: We considered the nature of wound as a carbuncle with bluish color and septic condition. The ulcer was on the left lower limb. The nature of the ulcer was well characteristic symptom of the Lachesis. The remedy worked well.


A lady from a village consulted in June 1997 with an enlarged abdomen like that of a pregnant woman. On enquiry she told that her last menstrual period missed four months back and since then her abdomen was increasing. But she was suffering from pain in the abdomen and leuckorrhea . She and her parents thought that it was perhaps pregnancy. On examination it was noted that she had not had any pregnancy symptoms. On 6th June, 1997 the Ultra-scan examination was done. The report revealed a large ovarian cyst in left region and associated with Grade II hepatitis with ascitis, bilateral uretic compression by the cyst. The intestinal coils were being pushed away by this cyst. Spleen was normal. Moderate Hydronephrosis in both kidneys was also needed.

The patient was anemic and pale with loss of appetite and indigestion.

Case analysis revealed that the miasm was Sycosis and the Constitutional diagnosis is Lachesis. It was also interesting to note that she had warts on her face and neck which were cauterized with local traditional application. We started the case with anti-miasmatic treatment with the remedy THUJA-1 M and left the patient for a period of one-week. After administering the Thuja the patient had severe diarrhea for two days without any weariness. Later we gave Lachesis 30 and increased the potency to 200 level till 20th June. The abdomen was reduced,and there was no discomfort in the region. Appetite increased, the sickness in the face had gone. Again we took Ultra-scan report. It revealed that the cyst size was considerably reduced. Only up to the umbilicus - 20 lbs size. The hepatic and renal abnormalities were within the normal. Later we gave Lachesis 1M one dose and asked the patient to consult after three weeks. To our surprise the patient had improved well and gained weight and looked as healthy normal woman with improved appetite and digestion and food consumed normally. No abnormality was visible in the lower abdomen. On 10th July,1997 Ultra-scan was done and the report revealed that Now the cyst had almost disappeared. The uterus was normal. Both ovaries were seen and were edematous. No presence pelvic fluid. Both kidneys are normal. Impression: A good Improvement. Another dose of Lachesis 1 M was given and we discharged the patient as fully treated. The case was followed for a period of two years. Meanwhile she had real pregnancy.

Discussion:  The miasmatic diagnosis revealed a Sycotic miasm. The Remedy on constitutional diagnosis was Lachesis, based on the symptoms-sudden awakening in the sleep with suffocation, Jealous mind on the lady whom her husband was showing interest, left ovary etc.,.


During 1998, a lady aged 38 consulted us for her psychological disorder. Her husband who was a forest official narrated that she was suffering from some sort of mental disorder since last one decade and had allopathic psychiatric treatment. She was not improved except developed certain side effects of weakness, loss of appetite, irritability, constipation etc. On enquiry, it was told by the patient herself that she was suffering from high emotions, sleeplessness, unknown fears, beating unnecessarily her children and quarreling on simple matters with her husband, heaviness of body, need frequent washing of her face due to oiliness, and she repeatedly told that she had the feeling of her body was made of wood especially her right limb. She did not feel that she had slept with her body and felt like a log of wood. She narrated that she used to tell all the psychiatrists but no doctor could help in such a feeling. Her husband and children used to gale at such feeling in her house whenever she expressed such feeling. She was very annoyed herself at such feeling. It was noted that she had full of tiny warts around her neck. After the case analysis, We started her case with SEPIA-1M one dose and after third day we gave one dose of THUJA-10 M and asked her to stop all the allopathic medicines. She consulted after one week and said no improvement in her condition and she had no sleep all that nights. We gave placebo one dose asked her to consult after one week. Then she came with very light mood and expressed that she was improving and feeling comfortable in her house. Later on further visits She was improving slowly and the sensation of heaviness and wood like was persisting. We gave THUJA - 50M one dose asked her to consult after one month. After one month She told that she had her body and leg. She was improved well and qualified by her husband. We followed the case for a period of three years. She was well.

Discussion:  In the beginning the case was started with Sepia one dose in order to antidote the long used allopathic psychiatric medicines. Thuja was selected to her basing on the constitution and the sensation symptom of heaviness of body and wood like sensation of her limb. Quietly interpreting the Thuja sensations - made of glass - into our case symptom of made of wood and selected the Thuja confidently. Thuja worked well and cured the psychiatric problem of the patient.


During 1995, a woman aged around 40 brought to our clinic by her brother who was a manager in Life Insurance Corporation and had strong faith in Homeopathy, to seek our advice whether to start using psychiatric medicines prescribed by a psychiatrist of local government hospital for her physiological ailments. The drugs prescribed were sedatives and anti-depressants. The patient narrated the case like this: She was suffering from gastric irritation and burning soon after eating any food or drinking any beverage except water since last one year. Reduced weight. Suffering from dyspnea due to anemic condition. She was treated with all antacids and other medicines in her village hospital. And she was referred to the urban teaching hospital for further investigations etc. In such hospital, she was examined and investigated by gastroenterologist, gynecologist, orthopedic doctor, and finally referred to psychiatrist as nothing was investigated. The psychiatrist prescribed the drugs but they consulted us at that juncture.

We advised Homoeopathic treatment. The case analysis revealed that she lost her husband two years back. She lost financial support. Her first son was suffering from epilepsy and not worth for any earning. She suppressed tons of grief in her small heart and slept without weeping alone in any night since her husband demise. She was given IGNATIA-1M one dose and asked her to consult on third day. After three days she visited and told that she had sound sleep all the three nights and feeling comfortable with some liquid diet. Given placebo and asked her to visit after one week. She visited after one week and expressed very happy with her stomach and could able to eat all vegetarian food, as she was basically vegetarian. The case was followed for a period of one year with some doses of Ignatia only.

Discussion:  We considered the suppression of grief after her husband death as the root cause for her physiological sufferings. As such the remedy - IGNATIA was selected.


During 1984, when I camped with my staff in a forest one of our staff was badly injured with the bites of some insects in our camping area. The insects were not certainly honeybees but the local forest guard identified them with local name as ‘fire-insects’. The injured was feared and waited for burns on his skin as described by the forest guard. But I packed up the camp immediately and left to our nearby guesthouse keeping in mind to extend some first aid immediately. Within fifteen minutes the injured got burning pains in the body with reddish swellings on the skin. He was hot and nervous. Pain was severe. Fortunately I got APIS MEL 200 in my first aid kit. I gave one dose of apis mel orally and some medicine diluted in a cup of water and administered a spoonful for every five minutes. Within thirty minutes of first dose the injured got relieved from all burning pains and reddish swollen eruptions on the skin. The remedy was done excellent relief and the forest guard himself surprised for such instant relief from the bites of fire-insects as he knew well about such suffering.

Discussion:  Apis Mel is a good remedy for any insect bites when the symptoms are burning pains, reddish eruptions, the skin is hot to touch etc. Basing on empirical symptoms the Apis Mel was given and it worked well.


During 1982, a boy aged 13 years old, brought to my clinic by his father, a photographer, for Homeopathic treatment. The boy was suffering from severe Herpes localized on the left side of the face. The face of that side was well inflamed with reddish swelling. The eye was closed with inflammation. The pain on that side was very severe with burning nature. The boy had two days allopathic treatment but not relief had. I asked the father to take one photograph immediately for records. The boy was restless and with fever. I gave APIS MEL 6C , one dose for every three hour for a period of one day. Examined on the next day and the boy got relieved the pain and fever but the swelling was continued. The second day, APIS MEL 30 was given, one dose for every six hours, for a period of one day. The third day the inflammation was totally gone and eye fully opened. No symptoms of any sufferings. No medicine was given on that day. On the fourth day two doses of the remedy were given and left the case successfully. The boy celebrated on the fifth day - the New Year Celebration - UGADI - New Year for Telugu People in India- with his newly married sister and brother-in-law; as aspired by the boy at the time of beginning of treatment.


Apis Mel is one of our best remedies to treat the menopause problems in woman and balance the hormonal system in the body.

During 1994, a woman aged 44 years consulted us for her peculiar nature and behavior as thought of herself. She explained that she was highly emotional, irritable, change of moods, restlessness in work and with family members. She could not do work in indoors and unable to cook food in the kitchen due to warm condition. Her feet and hands were burning with dryness and needs frequent washing with cold water. Her mouth became dry but averse to drink Her menstruation cycles were irregular and delayed. After case analysis we selected APIS MEL basing on the constitutional symptoms. We started the case with Apis Mel 200 and completed with Apis Mel 10 M. During the course of treatment She was relieved all such symptoms and lived happily with her family members. She case was followed for a period of one year.


The case was well analyzed and Apis Mel was selected basing on her mental symptoms like - irritability, jealousness, warm-constitution, dryness of mouth without desire to drink etc


During 1997, a woman, aged 28 was brought to our clinic by her father for the treatment of epileptic convulsions. The father narrated that she was suffering from convulsions since her 12th year onwards. The convulsions were started slowly and increased gradually. She had all types of allopathic treatment. Even under the medication the patient was getting the convulsions periodically. We started her case with anti-psoric drug Sulphur and prescribed Bovista, Sepia, Cuprum met, Natrum mur., etc., but found no improvement. Whenever the allopathic drugs were stopped, the patient was worsening despite our treatment for a period of six months. Fortunately, when the case was reviewing the patient had the convulsions. We gently observed the beginning and the nature of convulsions. The important symptoms were noted which helped for the best selection of the drug. After the patient came to conscious, the case was reviewed. She told whenever she got the fit, first her left hand became cold like ice. Then the case was again started with SILECEA 30 and went up to 50M potency during the course of treatment period of one year. During the period of treatment with silecea, she gradually improved and the epilepsy was cured. The case was followed for a period of two years but noticed no relapse of convulsions.

Discussion:  The patient did not reveal the fact of the aura, that is, getting coldness of her left hand before convulsions. In fact the case was dragged into other considerations and could not selected the remedy. In epilepsy, the aura - is most important for the selection of the remedy. Silecea is only the drug which has this symptom, hence, the remedy was selected. It cured the case well.


During 1999, a male patient around 40 years consulted us for his acute problems. He was suffering from extreme weariness, fainting on rising from bed, no appetite, and nausea with discomfort in stomach, pain in hepatic region, stool black tar color, dragging pains in lower limbs. All these sufferings had after taken allopathic treatment with antibiotics for his viral fever for a period of one week. The fever symptoms were gone but the above sufferings were appeared. We prescribed – Leptandra virginica – 30 - three doses per day for a period of two days. The patient recovered from weariness, back stool, and pain in hepatic region etc., in second day only. No relapse.

Case discussion:

The case was considered as very acute disease and the symptoms were side effects of the allopathic treatment. The patient was also sensitive for antibiotics.

The remedy Leptandra was selected based on the strong symptom – pain in hepatic region (liver region) with black colored stool. It worked well.


During 1994, a lady aged around 19, brought to us by her mother and explained that she was suffering from profuse menstrual bleeding with weariness and getting anemic. This irregularity was from her menarche. Her menstrual cycle was regular. We took her case history selected Pulsatilla and administered in 30C and 200C but did not work. The lady was suffering from bleeding. In order to palliate we gave Hamamelis Mother Tincture as an anti-haemaragic and China officinalis 30 one dose to ward off from the anemic condition due to loss of fluids. They palliated the case and the bleeding was reduced after five days slowly. We prescribed Pulsatilla 1M one dose and asked the patient during the next menstrual cycle. The same sufferings were followed as usually in the next menstruation. We managed with Hamamelis and China only as did earlier. We took the review of the case and noted one peculiar symptom, which we could not get in the fist case taking. The peculiar symptom is – her body would get cold like ice during the menses and covers blanket while in bed. The symptom was quite common to her since her menarche. Basing on such peculiar symptom we prescribed SILECIEA-30 – three doses in the beginning of the following menstruation. To our surprise the patient had the menstrual bleeding only for three days with normal quantity only. The same remedy was continued at proper intervals with incremental potency. The case was observed for a period of one year and cured well.

Case Discussion:

The constitutional drug was Pulsatilla as per our analysis. But did not work. Here we considered the peculiar symptom of –icy coldness of body during menses- as the patient himself was a hot patient and Silecea was selected and gave good results.


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