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Prostate enlargement  is a common disorder and it is age related. This is most commonly found in men over 60, and may be associated with diminished androgen secretion. The prostate weighs only a few grams at birth; at puberty it undergoes androgen-mediated growth and reaches the adult size of about 20g by age 20.  It remains stable in size for about 25 years, and during the fifth decade a second growth spurt commences in the majority of men.
The cause is not completely understood but seems to be multifactorial and under endocrine control.  The prostate is composed of both stromal and epithelial elements, and each alone or in combination  can give rise to hyperplastic nodules and the symptoms associated with hyperplasia of the organ.

What are  the Symptoms?
Acute urinary retention.
Progressive obstruction to urinary flow.
Sudden desire to micturate  but is unable to do so, and the bladder becomes tense and tender.
Haematuria due to urethral bleeding.
Bladder dysfunction, includes urinary frequency, nocturia and urgency.
Recurrent urinary infection.
Sensation of pain in lower abdomen and bladder region.
Urinary sensation while lying on back.

On rectal examination the prostate may feel large, elastic and uniform in consistency.
Cystoscopy examination.
Ultrasonic examination of lower abdomen and bladder etc.  
Ruling out of Prostate cancer through lab and clinical investigations.

Risk factors?
Sudden obstruction of urination and paining.  Needs surgical intervention.
Physical exercise if any?
It is advisable to practice the exercise of muscular contracting at the region of perineum  that is below testicles and before anal region.

Why Homeopathy ?
The prostate gland enlargement in the beginning or mild to moderate enlargement can be managed and regressed in homeopathic treatment. It has very wide scope of remedies in this regard.  When the obstruction of urination is the main symptom, it needs surgery.   


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