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Is Homeopathy relevant for on line consultation ?

Homeopathy is quite relevant medical system for on line medical consultation and treatment due to its unique medical principles and methodology. Homeopathy is safe and non-toxic and having no side-effects. Suitable to all age groups.

How on line works ?

First, Through Initial Enquiry, the feasibility and evaluation of medical status is analyzed.

Second, Through a detailed questioner (Detailed Case Sheet) the disease and the patient will be analyzed.

Third, Interaction will be made for further clarifications.

Fourth, After a group of Homeopathic physicians analysis , the Homeopathy medical suggestions and management of the case and treatment etc will be communicated to the patient.

Fifth, At the request of the patient, the medicines will be couriered to his address.

Sixth, The periodical follow up is followed and the patient can contact at any stage for his clarifications etc.

Seventh, The required Medical consultation Fee, Cost of Medicines, Courier services costs, Packing and Servicing costs are to be paid as per the Payment Process, as per the intimation. All transactions and consultations are subject to terms and conditions and disclaimer as provided in the website.

What are the Advantages ?

- Easy to get rid of diseases :Homeopathy is the best proved medical system in the world and most of the chronic diseases can be treated through on line consultation in a easy way.

- Time Saving : No waiting for appointment and journey to hospitals etc.

- Pharmacy: The medicines will be at your door steps.

- Costs at Low : The Consultancy and Medical costs are less while comparing with mainstream of medication.

- Privacy and Confidentiality : Is possible and assured. Private and Personal problems regarding health can be freely expressed for medical assistance.

- No Hospital nervousness and phobia.

- Easy to discontinue and renew at patient convenience.


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